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Product Vendors

Product Vendors

Allow vendors to sell products and earn commissions in a multi-vendor marketplace!

The Product Vendors extension for WooCommerce allows you to turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace.

You can assign existing products to vendors, or they can add and edit their own ones – they will have a dedicated page on the site where they will be able to list all of their products, but they will also show up in your normal shop pages so you can sell your own products alongside those of your vendors. To make things even more useful, you have complete control over how much commission each vendor receives for a sale and you can even manually add new commissions and edit existing ones.

We’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves:


Vendor management is as easy as managing product tags


Each vendor has a dedicated page to display their products


Manage your commissions with ease

With Product Vendors you’ll also have access to detailed reports on all sales made by vendors. You’ll be able to see how much your vendors are earning and how revenue they are generating for you – these reports are smoothly integrated into the existing WooCommerce interface, so you can access them easily and without any extra complications. Additionally, you can use the extension’s shortcodes to display sales and earnings reports to your vendors.


Accessible and readable reports for you and your vendors

By leveraging WooCommerce’s built-in product handling as well as employing shortcodes, widgets, hooks and filters, Product Vendors is THE solution for a full-featured multi-vendor marketplace.

Looking for simpler commission handling?

No problem – if you don’t want to allow vendors to add their own products and manage their own store, then you can simply add their products and assign them commissions without allowing users to have any access to edit their details or their products.




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